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Should you choose prefinished hardwood floors?

There are many personalizations, durability, and lifespan options in hardwood flooring, making it easy to customize for your own home. One of the options you'll have is whether to choose prefinished materials for your floors. Various benefits come from this option, some of which could make it a perfect choice for your spaces.

If you're unsure as to which options are best, we're here to help. We'll help you look at your flooring and installation requirements and match them with the best choices. Let's find out what some of them are right now.

Prefinished hardwood benefits

Prefinished flooring comes into your home already equipped with an extremely durable finish and several layers of quality sealant in place. With most of the work already completed, they can be installed over various subfloors and provide excellent protection against much of life's daily wear. They already have a stain color in place, too, providing a quick décor match in many spaces.

Another advantage of choosing materials that are prefinished at the point of manufacture is the dust-free installation process. When selecting a wood product that requires finishing in your home, you'll need to take some precautions to deal with the dust created, which can include covering air registers and sealing around doors. However, prefinished materials alleviate this process altogether, turning your installation into a much faster experience.
Prefinished Hardwood in Los Angeles, CA area from IKAG Floors
You'll be happy to know that prefinished hardwood can even be refinished. Though you'll see no signs of wear for decades to come, when it finally does begin to show through, refinishing can bring them back to a like-new appearance, though it's likely to be a bit different. Your flooring professional can go over all the details for your chosen species and options when you stop by for a visit.

Excellent hardwood flooring

There's nothing like having a friend in the business, and at IKAG Floors, that's precisely what you'll get. With more than 20 years of flooring industry experience, we specialize in all the most essential services for your wood flooring. No matter what size project you have in mind, we are dedicated to seeing it through to perfection.

If you are a resident of Los Angeles, CA, Pacific Palisades, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, West Hollywood, CA, or Beverlywood, CA, be sure to schedule an appointment for our mobile showroom. We will show you all the products and services you'll need. We will make sure your wood floors are the very best.