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I know A Guy Hardwood Flooring, is a one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs, but our favorite trade comes in the form of Sanding & Refinishing Wood Floors.

The two biggest challenges when refinishing Southern California Hardwood Flooring are what to do with the existing furniture, (if you are living in the house at the time), and what stain color should you choose?

If the house is empty, great but most of the time that’s not the case. Any area of hardwood flooring you wish to have refinished must be clear.

We have partnered up with great moving companies who will handle all your furniture with a white glove touch, which can all be moved into a different part of the house, garage, or taken to there storage facilities and brought back when the job is done!

As far as color, we have you covered. We will show you all the options possible, and then make you samples in the house or on separate wood floorboards to see exactly how it will look before we go ahead and start the process.

Now to the real work.
Once the hardwood floor is clean and clear, no furniture and all the carpet, pad, tack-strip, staples, and nails have been removed we can get started. All our machines are brand new, and always being cleaned and serviced so that you truly get the best and cleanest outcome.

All our machines connect to vacuums which collects 90% of the dust, to give you a truly (almost), dustless project, the remaining 10% we do by hand.

We sand the floor with 7 or 8 grades of different sandpaper. It sounds like a lot but we are sanding off the wood a paper-layer at a time. You don’t want to sand off more wood flooring than you have to but you must sand out all of the imperfections.

We fill the nail holes, gaps and cracks in between each sand paper. At one point we will have every crack and gap filled but it’s impossible to stay that way. Between the old floors moving, the vibration of the sanding and the vacuums a few small cracks may reappear. We try and fill those in between the clear coats of polyurethane. Your Southern California Hardwood Flooring will grow and shrink throughout the year so you will always have gaps somewhere.

We sand the hardwood floor so that it is tabletop smooth, and then apply the stain, or go Natural. Living in California and being environmentally conscious, we use only water-based zero voc polyurethane finishes. The amazing part is that they have perfected these finishes so that not only are they completely environmentally friendly but stronger then the oil based from years back.

Whether you're thinking of an addition, full sanding or complete custom floor for your house, “I Know A Guy” that will take care of it!